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Foster Story: Toby
My name is now Toby, as in Toby Juan Kenobi. People can only speculate how I ended up fending for myself on the streets of Merced, California. Luckily, I was swept into the Merced Animal Shelter system. Rumor has it I was so well-behaved that instead of being put into a kennel, I was allowed to hang in the office with one of the managers until I could be shipped north to the kind, caring volunteers at People United for Pets in Washington State.
Toby Before
Toby After

See the photo of me with my long, matted, filthy, stinking, brown hair? That's what I looked like when they guessed I was a Poodle-Terrier mix. When I arrived at my PUP foster home, they let me rest and decompress for a short while before I was washed, clipped, and shown to be very white. Now they say I might be a Havanese-Lhasa Apso-Maltese mix.

I was the first dog my foster family had ever taken in. As it turns out, they were testing to see if they we‘re ready to own dog and whether or not a dog would fit into their family schedule. Well, I sure did. Within a month they decided to adopt me.

Since making this my forever home, they have fostered about 10 more new dogs from California and have served as temporary foster for several others who were transitioning from one foster home to another. I enjoy meeting new friends as they arrive. It's fun to play with them, and I enjoy watching as they get ready for their forever homes….moving on and making space so we can save more dogs.

I am only one of many, many lucky pups. Each has its own unique story and each almost always has a happy ending.

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