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Happy Tails

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Maggie (formerly Lagatha)

Posted on April 10, 2020

With all the extra time I have right now I thought I would send a Happy Tail in for our dog Maggie. We adopted Maggie in May of 2017. She has been one of the best additions to our lives ever. She is so well mannered and behaved thanks to her foster. We can't thank her enough for all the work she did with Maggie before we got her.

Maggie loves her daily walks and loves it even more when she can be off her leash at the dog park so she can run. Watching her run is a delight. She pins her ears back and runs like a greyhound when given the chance. Yet will recall back to me immediately when I whistle.

My wife and I are teachers and we camp often during the spring and summer. This is one of Maggie's favorite things. She tolerates riding in the truck, it is not her favorite thing to do, but will always jump in and is so happy when we arrive at the campground. We live next door to my mother whom also dearly loves Maggie. When we leave for work Maggie goes to grandma's house for the day. If you ask her anytime if she wants to go see grandma she gets so excited, jumping around and ready to go out the back door to grandma's backdoor. My mother lives in the other side of the duplex we own with a common fenced backyard. My mother is a very active 86 year old that loves to be in the yard gardening and Maggie's is the perfect companion to help her out.

We want to thank everyone at PUP for the work you do with animals. Without you organization we would have never found Maggie and made her such an important part of our life.

Thank you ever so much, Joe and Lorri

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