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Happy Tails

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Sabine (now Raven)

Posted on April 11, 2015

I changed her name to Miss Raven, because her eyes showed a cleverness beneath the fear, not to mention her inky blue black fur!

She has progressed a thousand lightyears from the dog you knew. Miss Raven now lives in Anchorage, AK, has a full complement of sweaters and socks to keep her toasty warm when the temperature drops and the ice thickens.

Her confidence keeps growing--she walks off leash in parks, trails, and beaches sniffing and searching for the stinkiest of things in which to roll. She enjoys volunteering at the Alaska Humane Society, a no-kill cat only shelter. I first volunteered there nearly 10 years ago when a frightened, underweight black kitty came through. He hid for the first 5 years of his residency amd still only reveals himself seldom and infrequently. This kitty came out of hiding the first night Raven visited, observed her, and they made fast friends. It seems as if they are of comfort to each other.

Her gentle soul and happy face bring joy to everyone she meets. I am so thankful PUP took a chance on me, much like I took a chance on Raven. We are perfectly matched and I couldn't be happier. Included, you will find a photo of Raven with Max, an 18lb cat who absolutely adores her. She is unsure of how to deal with his advances, but accepts him nonetheless.

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