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Roo formerly Nyx

Posted on June 16, 2014

I just wanted to send an update on Roo. I wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE him and he is doing fantastic. He travels with me to the stores, had a great time at my parents house and is such a good boy. He has his own beds throughout my house and has one on my bed, so he sleeps with me at night. He stays in his bed all night without a peep. :) He is not quite friends with my kitty, but they can hang out in the same space without incident. He LOVES going out for our walks....which he pretty much runs the whole time which is adorable and is doing really good about going potty when we go out. He has lots of toys and a fluffy leopard blanket that he loves. He runs laps around my condo and flies up onto the couch right into his bed and plops down. It's really funny. I am trying to catch it on video. I plan to have a "My first Birthday" for him this August if I can find a day for some of his new dog friends to come.

I am attaching some pictures of Roo in his favorite beds. He is super sweet and I am looking forward to spoiling him some more. I am happy to answer any questions from the foster family. I could not imagine having to give up this little guy, so I know they must miss him. Thank them for fostering and helping to save this little guy.

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