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Happy Tails

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Posted on May 2, 2017

I can't believe it's been about 5 years since this little guy was in the pet store with his other PUP friends. I was looking for a shepherd, pit, or lab to brighten my life. Then I saw Pinto. I was impressed by his desire to watch my every movement and try to anticipate what I might request of him while I was interacting with him in the pen. I had to take him home.

A little over a year ago, my doctor and I decided that I would benefit greatly from having a service dog, and some of the tasks that other dogs have been trained for could prevent my needing to be hospitalized again. After a consultation with a trainer, we enrolled in the service dog program.

Pinto is now task trained and we are fine tuning his obedience. He has been doing his job which has enabled early response to manage my health. About a month ago, much to my surprise, our trainer announced to the service dog class that she normally doesn't take dogs older than 2 into the program, but that Pinto's bond with me, his desire to please, and his willingness to do anything for a treat made him an exception. "You can teach an old dog new tricks!"

Pinto used to have seizures every couple of months when I first brought him home. Since we have been training (about a year), he has had only one. His health has greatly improved also.

Pinto checks on me frequently throughout the day. Even when he is sleeping, he will wake up, check on me, then go back to sleep. I love my little Pinto for his wonderful personality, playfulness, and his devotion to his job. Thank you, PUP, for bringing him into my life.

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