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Maisy formerly Mickey

Posted on April 22, 2013

Thank you PUP for uniting us with Maisy!

Maisy is such a wonderful addition to our family! Even the cats have come around, though they've made it clear that they were here first--and still in charge. I believe Maisy has come to realize that we are her "forever" family and she has taken on the role of our ever vigilant protector. She barks at anyone approaching our home--and then runs and hides! She is truly the sweetest dog with the nicest disposition. Even our gigantic German Shepherd neighbor dog, who doesn't like any other dogs, likes Maisy, despite the fact that she steals his bones. We always have offers from friends and neighbors to dog sit and she's practically a celebrity at the kids' bus stop. She loves to bask in the sun (when it makes an appearance), chase critters in the ivy, and sneak food from the cats when no one is looking.

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