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Happy Tails

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Gadget formerly Sue

Posted on May 25, 2014

We love her! Sue - now Gadget - is having a blast these last four days! We are pretty low-key and quiet here, so she's basking in lots of 1 on 1 attention from us! Gadget has exceeded every expectation! She's just such a polite little lady. She sleeps quietly through the night in a basket on our bedroom floor. She rarely barks, and she likes to "ask permission" before hopping up onto the couch with us. She doesn't beg for food and doesn't mind it when we cook meals, and only whimpered a teeny bit when we fried bacon this morning. :) She goes in and out of her crate freely and doesn't mind when we close the crate door. We are practicing with closing the crate door for longer and longer periods of time, and it's no big deal to her. Playtime is super fun, she can make anything into a toy. Her favorite is a small rope toy that she'll carry to us when she wants to play. She loves to play tug of war and fetch it when we toss it. We love her cute little snorts during playtime. Kolleen was right - she does make some cute sounds!! She HATES rain. We are working on getting her to go outdoors when it's raining. Right now, as soon as she realizes it's raining she plants her butt on the ground and won't move an inch. Umbrellas seem to be a new concept to her (she is scared to stand under them!) so we're working on this one. Her favorite food so far is "Cowboy Cookout" by Merrick's and her favorite treat "Apple Bacon" by Fruitables. These were recommendations from my sister's two Chis, and they are SO TASTY according to Gadget!

She's just such a good girl! We are so happy with her, and she came to us way better trained than we expected.

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