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Happy Tails

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Posted on January 14, 2020

Things are going great! Daisy is adjusting very well, she loves playing with Sixto and Sixto loves playing with her! They are great at sharing and walking together!

Doing very well with potty training, no accidents yesterday, taking her out on leash in the back yard every 2-3 hours, and using a reward treat. She is eating enough in her crate and sleeping well in her crate. We have stairs in our house since we have a split level home, she learned how to go up and down them pretty much the first day, now she does them with ease.

She knows Iím mom now and loves to be cuddled and exchange kisses, same with Chris, and she listens really well.

No chewing issues, we have lots of toys and chew options for her. We are introducing her slowly to each part of the house. Mainly our living room, kitchen and bedroom, and work studio/office space.

We are super happy with her and how things are going with our dog. She is a great addition to our family! Thank you! We are thinking of renaming her Billie Holiday. Thank you again for doing all you do!

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