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Happy Tails

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Posted on June 24, 2019

Happy Friday!I adopted Moose in 2014 (never changed the name--it was the perfect name for the tiny guy with the big personality) and he is quite literally the light of my life. Our house is his, I just live there to feed him and provide tummy rubs. He loves his people and giving kisses, and has a deep love for faux fur throw blankets.

He is also very sassy and gets very upset if I'm on the phone for too long or talking to someone else without including him. He also either hates most tv theme songs as he howls in what seems like fear at them, but maybe he's just singing along? He's not a big fan of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" either.

He has his own instagram if anyone is interested in following his misadventures @moosesmodernlife

Krista and Moose

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