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Happy Tails

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Posted on March 14, 2016

We just got back from vacation ! (From Seaside, OR, with Max.) Can you think of any better place to socialize a puppy ? It was great ! We LITERALLY could not travel more than 20 feet while in Seaside without someone stopping us and wanting to pet Max ! He was the hit of the town ! He was so popular, it was common for Max to be greeted by name by people who had met him and loved him the day before ! People would see him and cross the street to meet him. The condo custodians and guests could not get enough of him riding the elevator while sitting perfectly calm, just looking around. He got in miles of practice on a leash, both with and without the prong collar. He rides confidently on a luggage cart.

His first evening in his new home he learned to lay down, drop it, use the dog door and face his fear of the stairs. He totally amazes everyone he meets with how obedient and smart he is ! He can now sit, lay down, drop it, leave it, be quiet, not bite, come, roll over, shake, kennel up, fetch, bark, get off, and stop biting us. Not perfectly, of course but very consistently for praise or for treats. Our first Puppy I Class is tomorrow and he is definitely ready.

We are shocked at how quickly a puppy gets tired and crashes ! One minute he is racing around the room at top speed the next minute he is missing and we find him curled up, asleep ! His least favorite thing is to be in his crate when he doesn’t want to be, but he’s making great progress learning to be quiet about it. He loves his “indestructible” chew toys but we had to seriously plumb him up several times about not letting us take them from him the first couple nights he was in his new home. Now, we can basically do anything we want to him, no matter what he is doing, and he never growls or tries to bite us (or anyone else).

I can’t imagine how things could be going any better, so please don’t worry.

Thank you, again for all you did to start him off in such a positive direction. Debe

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