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Willow and Blanco

Posted on February 15, 2020

I adopted Willow (brown Chihuahua/Iggie mix) from you in 2015 and Blanco (white Chihuahua) in 2016. Both are still just the most wonderful, sweetest dogs that I could ever hope for.

Willow is still like clingfilm, she's such a lover and cuddler. She's almost completely over her nervous urination and as long as new guests follow a few careful rules, she's just fine. She absolutely loves mobbing new people and trying to "lick their tonsils" as I call her propensity for trying to lick in people's mouths. :) She still never walks anywhere, it's always a run or canter. Unfortunately it's chilly enough here in Seattle that she has to wear a jacket most of the year (even indoors) but that also really settled her down and has made her far less nervous. Her favorite place in the house is about 3 inches from me, lol.

Blanco is also just as much of a joy as Willow, he's just far calmer. I like to call them the Yin and Yang because as lively and bouncy as she is, he's calm and stable. He also loves cuddling next to me though and his favorite thing is to burrow into a very soft throw blanket so that he's 100% obscured, pressed up against me and then pass out into a good, long nap. I felt badly for him for forever because he didn't ever like any toys I bought for him but he recently pounced on a cat toy at a friend's house and I finally have some toys he plays with! Obviously I don't add the catnip but I guess he likes them since his mouth is just so tiny.

They get along extremely well and enjoy sleeping near each other and running in the sun together, off-leash. They bring the highest joys to me every single day.

Could you please let their foster families know how well they're doing and how deeply they're loved? They're my best buddies and we enjoy every single day together and then they burrow into the covers with me at night. Thanks so much to all of you wonderful staff and volunteers who save these dogs and make them available.

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