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Echo (was Jojo)

Posted on April 13, 2020

I was thinking I needed to contact you folks to let you know how our little Echo (Jojo) is doing. She looks very much like a small short-haired German Shepherd now, and has turned out to be a wonderful family member! Her older “sisters” have accepted her into their fold and taught her so much! They each love to play with her in their own way, yet they also discipline her and set boundaries by letting her know when she oversteps the mark! Echo is smart enough to have learned the ropes here very quickly. She comes easily when called, walks well on a leash and verbally lets us know when she wants to come in from outside rather than scratching the door. She just graduated from Puppy Boot camp a couple weeks ago too. I took her to those classes mainly for the socialization part of it as she’s getting the rest of her basic training from us here at home.

The little trick that Echo’s foster had started teaching her of ringing a bell that’s hung by the door when she needs to go potty, is working perfectly! Echo is no longer in a crate - she sleeps with the older girls in the living room, and only comes in to our bedroom to let us know when she needs to go out in the morning. I walk all three dogs twice a day for at least a couple miles off leash, and they go everywhere with me in the back of the car. Echo has never destroyed anything in the house (of course she has an abundance of her own chew toys) and has virtually had no potty accidents! That yelping that she used to do in the crate has completely stopped and evolved into a beautiful little signature “yodel” that she sings out at random times through the day to express sheer joy! Too sweet!

As you can see Echo is very happy here, and we love her to bits!

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