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Maisie Mae

Posted on September 2, 2016

Maisie Mae, (changed it to Maisie rather than Maisey), is doing great. She is up to nearly 25 pounds and is a total sweetheart.

She has kept her training, has only had two accidents in the house in over a month.She is a totally happy girl. Our previous girl was said to not be "food motivated" which proved to be untrue. Maisie, however, is totally "food motivated" and is thrilled to follow any instructions with the hope she will get a treat.

The other day, she and our other dog, Booker, were both napping. I was reading a book and fell asleep as well. A short time later I woke to two gorgeous eyes looking directly into mine and suddenly my entire face was washed by a huge tongue.

She is a fantastic addition to our family. She's a true joy.

The photo is of her with some of her toys...and yes, she is on the couch.

Updated on January 14, 2017

Maisie is a very happy and loving girl. She has adapted completely and we are extremely thrilled that she's part of our family. She has grown a bit and is nearly 30 pounds now. She still has her puppy energy and loves to play and run. She gets along with everyone and loves other dogs.

Our Boy, Booker, just turned 12 and has developed a bit of arthritis. He plays a bit with Maisie but if he gets too rambunctious he pays for it the following day so we have to slow him down. He went without a haircut for too long because his groomer was over booked and then had some family emergencies. When we were finally able to take him in, Maisie went with us.She was very upset that we dropped him off and went home without him. When we picked him up she was thrilled and she acted as though he was a young dog again with his short hair. They played together like they hadn't done before. The next day Booker was very sore.

Maisie had her nails clipped when we took Booker in and she did very well. Her hair is growing a bit so we're talking to the groomer to see what we might do as far as a "style" for her. It's very interesting that some of her hair is black at the base, then it's white and then black again on the tips. She has a fine layer of hair that surrounds the edges of her ears like this and in the sun it looks like lace. She still isn't happy about baths but she accepts them.

We took your advice and put her in her crate at night. It's in our bedroom. She's very comfortable with that. About three weeks ago we decided to leave the crate door open for her and she started a new routine. When we go to bed, Maisie comes out of her crate, jumps up and gives us both kisses. Then she jumps back down and goes off to sleep in her crate. We've heard Booker gruff a couple times so we think she stops by his bed to say goodnight to him as well.

The other day I took a shower and had a t-shirt and shorts there. When I got out I found my t-shirt and Maisie's toy duck. She took my shorts. I called her and she came running with one leg through the leg of the shorts and the other in her mouth as though she were trying to put them on. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera. She only chews her toys and hasn't taken or chewed up anything that doesn't belong to her. She is a wonderfully mannered girl.

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