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Happy Tails

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Posted on December 15, 2016

Dewey is doing really well! He's adjusting to his new home. He seems to be quite bonded to me now but thankfully doesn't exhibit signs of separation anxiety. His training is also ongoing. He knows his name, come here, whistle recall, sit, down, touch, go potty. I'm trying to socialize him to new people and other dogs. I think he just needs time in that department and more exposure. I'm still looking into obedience classes but I'm not in a rush since he seems to respond well to treats. He was initially scared of the hardwood stairs in my home but he has eventually overcome his fear. To be fair I'm adding some grip to them since they are a little slippery.

I love the little guy and I can't wait for our future adventures! Thank you guys so much for this wonderful opportunity

Thanks, Dwinson and Dewey

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