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Gracie, aka Gabby

Posted on January 7, 2020

Gracie’s (aka Gabby’s) Gotcha Anniversary Story – Adoption Oct 2018

Thank you PUPs for bringing love into our lives. A very special thank you to all the people that foster for taking care of these doggies, rescuing from fear and hunger and providing the compassion they need during the scary transition from homelessness into forever homes. PUPS = A mission of love. e!

From the moment we walked into the Mud Valley event last October and spotted “Gabby” in the pen we knew she was our girl. We still talk about watching her foster mom have to walk away and want her to know Gabby became Gracie and is a joyful, happy doggie and our constant companion. We think her Gabby name came from a barking history but as soon as she settled into her our home it became a non-event. She is a talker at the dog park, a play provocateur and loves to be chased so she can show off her jet speed abilities.

Gracie’s had a year of experiences and a (hilarious fuzzy to sleek) seasonal haircut transformation. She’s a Go-Go Girl and then collapses into a lap dog sleeper, a large sack of potatoes, relaxing in as close as she can get which we love. She’s extremely friendly and expects to be greeted by everyone. She walks the neighborhood like a prancy-princess every day, has a local dog park, goes on lots of camping trips, hikes and a took a long road trip (toured dog parks in 7 states), romped in the snow, played on the beach, dug for clams (we think) and fetches her stick in lakes. She is an adventurous soul and it’s clear to see her excitement when she encounters something new (snow / sand) or figures something out like jumping up on a log gives her a better view.

Please sign us…. Love Fest! Thank you for Graci

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