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Happy Tails

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Marlo formerly Bliss

Posted on February 10, 2013

Thank you, Trish, Kathy, Pam, PUP! Wonderful ride home, instant adjustment and joy! Pippin and Marlo are running around the house with each an end of their new sheepskin long toy. It feels like Marlo has always been here. I have wept in joy more than I care to admit. The three of us were just sitting on the floor wondering if Marlo is her name. She was barking at her own shadow in the patio door and as we have been wondering about the right name for her with the same sounds as Marlo. We are considering Shadow as she comes to it already. She looks like a Shadow and she is shadowing us all everywhere which we love. First time outside in the long, back garden, the two of them ran around, Pippin chasing Shadow just like she did Hugo. Shadow could not believe all the possibilities for circle running back there and was/is in joy. She loved her food, she is posing for photos, life is good. Pippin is smiling nonstop.

I can't believe what an impeccable group you are, caring, efficient and diligent in your communication and placement and thorough check out for good family placement. We are so grateful we found PUP and Marlo/Shadow.

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