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Paisley and Pearl

Posted on May 28, 2018

Paisley and Pearl have added so much happiness to our lives, and we are so glad that we added them to our little family. They seem quite comfortable and confident in their home and with us. If we have people over, they both introduce themselves to guests and ask to be petted before you can even take your shoes off. They received clean bills of health from our vet, and are both eating 100% raw food.

Paisley absolutely adores Jeff, and it's adorable to watch them together. I give her full credit for turning him into a cat-person. She's such a sweet cat, and a wonderful mama to Pearl. She loves catnip and chirps back when you talk to her. When Paisley really wants attention, she climbs on top of you, rubs her face all over you, and purrs like a motor boat. She's still a petite cat (less than 7 pounds), but she's filled/fluffed out as we've had her, and now that she doesn't have nursing kittens to worry about. We're so grateful that PUP stepped in and rescued her from California, and allowed her to have her kittens in the safety of a foster home.

When we applied for Paisley, we said we were interested in adopting a second kitten as a companion. Pearl, one of her two kittens, was recommended, and they are a fantastic pair. I've never seen two cats with a closer bond, and we are so happy that we are able to give them a home where they'll be together forever. Pearl loves to play fetch, and is a sucker for a good belly rub session. She plays hard - Jeff and I have to be the ones to decide when play time is over, because she'll go until she's panting, then try to keep playing. She is a textbook tortie - lots of personality and very chatty! Pearl has definitely grown in the 6 months we've had her (her first birthday is next month), but it looks like she'll stay small like her mom.

Both cats are respectful of Luna, our 2 year old hedgehog (and reigning matriarch of the household). At first, we were a little worried about the cats seeing Luna as prey, but Luna is a scrappy little thing that puffs up and hisses if she disagrees with something, so that quickly put both cats in their place. Unless Luna leaves any food uneaten, they don't pay her much mind. Thank you again to everyone at PUP for the roles you all played in Paisley and Pearl's lives, and a special thank you to Kim, who clearly gave Paisley and Pearl wonderful care while they were her fosters, and to Laura, who came out to our apartment during the home visit. I know you are primarily a dog rescue, but thank you for helping cats in need as well.

All the best, Leah & Jeff

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