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Happy Tails

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Posted on August 29, 2016

Willow and Blanco hit it off Saturday so he came home with us. He's doing great, he was just a little nervous at first but pretty quickly warmed up to me. We took two short walks Saturday which he really liked and making him tired wore off his nervousness. Plus, we all three took a huge nap in my bed Saturday afternoon and that helped. During the nap he was on the bed close to my shoulder and by bedtime that night he curled up next to me and later slide under the covers to cuddle with me.

He's getting used to Willow being powered by jet fuel. She's such a silly, goofy girl and bounces all over but he's gotten used to it and he's even chased her a few times. I think they're going to do great, she's very interested in being friends with him and he's warming up to her.

I also found out early on that he loves to have his belly scratched so that helped him get used to me.

Sunday we took two really long walks very early and late so it was nice and cool and he loved it. After the morning walk we had breakfast and he crashed in a bed as you can see.


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