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Posted on May 18, 2016

We decided to rename her ‘Rue’ (after Rue McClanahan from the ‘Golden Girls’, but also a little bit from the Hunger Games). We have been doing name recognition training and clicker introduction with treats and positive reinforcement, which is going well. Winchester enjoys participating in the shower of treats when the clicker goes, too!

Rue’s health checks out great. She has completed her vet checkup, and fecal tests, without any problems. She was very agreeable to a nail clipping, too. She has started a lepto series, as she will be doing walks where we live by Lake Washington, and she’ll be all done in a couple of weeks. She is getting a daily walk to help with her weight loss, and is 12.2 lbs and on her way to her 11.5 lb ideal weight. We have been slowly transitioning to her new dog food, and feeding Missing Link as we do for Winchester, and her gut has been tolerating it very well. We were able to find her microchip through petmicrochiplookup.org, and have updated her new info on the vendor’s site. Her pet license process is started. We are weighing getting her a Whistle GPS, as Winchester has, for extra safety, but maybe not until they come out with a smaller model that will be more comfortable for her.

She is getting along with the rest of the pack. There hasn’t been much arguing between the pups, but I have a hunch Rue may dominate Winchester. Winchester is being gentle with her, but we have been crating her while we are at work just in case, and also while we were babysitting my brother’s two dogs for a few days last week. She doesn’t seem to need to go in her crate, and only does so when we command it. At some point, she’ll have freedom to roam unattended during the day. She rides in the back seat of the car with Winchester, and alternates from her blanket on the floor to looking out the window; she doesn’t seem stressed riding as long as big brother is back there for protection. This morning, we were happy to see Winchester give her the first unprompted dog kiss, so sweet! They’ll be fine together.

Rue’s little personality is so sweet. She follows us around waiting for us to make a lap for her to lay on. She has slept in the bed with us since the first night, and been very friendly when greeting friends and their kids. She favors her new mom, but can snuggle with the whole family. Her little quiet grunts and snores are precious. We love her so much, and we’re so happy to provide her forever home.

Thanks for helping us adopt her!

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