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Shelby (PUP name McGraw)

Posted on January 21, 2020

my name is shelby. i was rescued from a high kill shelter in california november of 2013. my foster mom named me mcgraw and i loved her very much. i would lay on the back of the couch and rest my head on her shoulder, waiting for my forever family. that day came january 11, 2014. i went home with my new forever family and a rather bossy alpha sister, alyce. they all had a huge hole left in their hearts from the passing of their very beloved first dog, scooter. i hoped so much i could fill the very big shoes i was thrust into.

if i would slip out of the gate or car door i was always caught and kept safe by my mom and dad. they loved me and alyce dearly and cooked us healthy food every day. soon i noticed how anxious my mom would get, and i would quickly run to her from wherever i was to comfort her. i could sense this before she could, and i would lay on her chest and kiss her constantly until mom calmed down or quit crying. i had found my place! my mom needed my comfort continually, and i got a special vest that says "therapy dog". after that i went everywhere with mom, airplanes, airports, many doctor offices. the dentist was a big one, as mom spent over 4 years in braces. i'm not sure what that means, but i know as i warmed her lap and gave the needed kisses, i eased her anxiety and calmed her down. everyone seemed to love me and i was such a good boy, but my mom's well being was my concern. they said i was "right out of the box" as a therapy dog and didn't need any training. i just know we were quite the pair and went everywhere together. mom got much better and left her stressful job, dad too, and we moved to tennessee where dad is from.

so that is my story. i smile inside when mom and dad tell how they rescued me, because i know the truth, I RESCUED THEM.

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