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Happy Tails

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Posted on February 9, 2020

I just wanted to send another email about Ollie to let you and Pam know how well he has adjusted. Within a few days, he was right at home. He is comfortable in the house and has a routine now. He sleeps at my husband’s feet, wakes up with me, and chats with me and follows me around. We feel that he is very “dog-like” (which we LOVE!). He loves belly rubs, beds for treats, and chats with us... we wonder if he adopted some of the mannerisms of the dog at Pam’s house. My husband Chris just had a minor surgery and Ollie has kept him company the whole time, again very dog like. He’s so sweet!

Anyways, thanks for everything again. We’re super happy with our little guy and grateful to everyone at PUP!

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