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Pocket (was Briciola)

Posted on May 12, 2020

I adopted “Briciola” from you all back in December. She had been with her foster mom for over a year from what I understand. She was an extremely shy cat, and it sounds like it was hard to find prospective adopters because of this. I fell in love the moment I saw her photo. I met with her foster mom and Briciola came home with me.

The beginning was a little difficult for her. I set aside my office for her so she could have a quiet space She hid most of the first three months, coming out mostly at night to eat and use the little box. It was so hard not to be pushy and force affection on her! She slowly started to trust me though and now she’ll ask for pets and crawl on my lap for cuddles. She is the most amazing, sweet, affectionate cat I have ever known!

I have renamed her Pocket (because of her uncanny knack for finding impossibly tiny little spaces to squeeze into). She is still skittish but is making progress every day and it’s wonderful to see her blossom. I absolutely adore her. I feel so so lucky to share our home w her, and am so grateful to her foster mom and you all for rescuing her!

Thank you for all the amazing work you do. If there are other adopters out there interested in any skittish foster kitties, please feel free to share with them my experience. The patience was well worth it. Thank you for all you do!

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