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Happy Tails

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Posted on October 1, 2018

We adopted Abbie on March 29th, our favorite day this year.

We had lost 2 of our pups last year and Abbie helped fill the huge hole in our hearts.

From day one Abbie fit right and became an instant part of our family. She never leaves our side and we take her everywhere - from work to hiking adventures. She loves her furry brother, Chewy (16 year old chihuahua) and her 2 furry cousins, Moose and Auggie (8 and 10 year old schnauzer/papillon mixes).

Abbie has the energy of a puppy and the appetite of a large breed dog. She can play fetch for hours but come 10pm she is out cold until morning. She loves cuddles and her favorite thing is giving mouth kisses 24/7 (whether we want them or not).

Thank you PUP for bringing love and joy to our family and to all the dogs you rescue. We’ll be reaching out again soon for #2!

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