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Arlie (formerly known as Xena)

Posted on May 6, 2016

Here are some photos of Arlie (formerly known as Xena). We are so happy with her. She is big! She's over 70 pounds now and her head touches the roof of our Toyota Matrix hatchback!

She looks a lot like a Rhodesian Ridgeback physically except for the ears. When excited, her ridge, which is darker, puffs up and then she really seems similar. A great mix whatever she is.

She is super with the boys, I don't have to worry about her even if my littlest gets too rough. I've never had a hound before, but it's neat to see her follow scent trails - we now know where the raccoons live next door! She has been easy to train, and is not destructive or unmanageable at all. All the kids at the bus stop love her. Thank you for choosing us to be her family, we all love her.

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