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Loki & Luna (formerly Salt & Kola)

Posted on May 1, 2020

My name is Alicia, my Spouse and I got these two sweet baby angels March 24,2019. These two are litter mates but haven’t been together since separating into foster homes very young. I fell in love with Loki (formerly known as Salt) from a photo online. I didn’t have any other animals so they were reluctant to match because he would thrive with another friend. I said “is there one he gets along with?” They ended up pairing him with his sister Luna (formerly Kola).

We met them for the first time, Luna was so afraid, but so sweet. Loki was sweet, full of purr and spunk. Something told me they were mine. We took them home, and instantly Loki was curious about everything... instantly playing with all the toys and smelling everything. Luna, poor baby, was under the bed. My boyfriend and I took turns just scratching her chin under the bed and telling her we loved her. We gave them their space to figure things out for themselves. When going to bed, Luna who hadn't been seen, came out and laid down on my back and curled up into my neck. We knew everything was meant to be right then.

Having gotten along pretty much right away, after a few days both were playing and setting into their new home. Both personalities have bloomed beyond our belief. Luna is the morning cuddles and laser princess and Loki is all about plastic bags and short walks outside on his harness, he LOVES grass! They have brought us SO much love and joy, I’m so glad we were brought together! They are the most well tempered, sweet, hilarious kitties we could have ever hoped for. Thank you PUP!

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