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Happy Tails

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Posted on April 28, 2013

Redford had an excellent first day in his new home! He went on two walks along with his new brother and also went to the pet store where he picked out some bones and a couple new toys. He loves his new crate and slept well in it all night. Max Waffles & Redford absolutely love to play with each other & enjoy spending time looking out the window together. :)

**Update** May 16, 2013 Redford has 100% adapted to his new home! Max Waffles and Redford have learned each others boundaries and really love spending time together. They recently have begun taking naps together (Redford is big spoon and Max is small spoon). Something Redford and Max enjoy is sitting in their "chicken coop" in the front yard while we garden in our flower beds.

**Update August 12, 2013** Redford is doing absolutely wonderful! He is fully adjusted to his new life with us and has finally stopped trying to "run away" (play his chase game you once warned us about). He and Max are quite the pair- they begin playing first thing in the morning and don't seem to stop till bedtime. Redford comes to my preschool with me on a regular basis and the kids just love him. He is so gentle and loving to anyone he comes to meet. Right now, his favorite toy is a bright yellow tennis ball- he runs all around the house chasing it. :) We are thankful for him each and every day & can't thank you enough for letting us have him!

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