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Happy Tails

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Roo (was Kitty)

Posted on June 19, 2018

I wanted to send a quick update on Kitty (we’ve decided to name her Roo! Based on the character from Winnie the Pooh) she’s already learning her new name, she’s doing great on potty #1 outside, but #2 stumps her....

Nani and Roo love eachother! They are matched SO well in their playtime. Nani is great at letting Roo know when she’s getting too ramboncous and snuggling her when it’s nap time.

Roo and the kitties are getting along alright too, she’s still extremely interested in them and they’d prefer she wasn’t but all in all...a happy home! She got a new harness and an antler at the pet shop yesterday, she likes to hide her antler for later hahaha. She loves taking alllllll the toys out of the toybox and romping around with them.

We love her so much, thank you for trusting us to be her forever home!

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