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Happy Tails

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Posted on November 11, 2019

Itís Comet the toothless! Itís been exactly a year since Comet came home. I loved the name and kept it. Heís a great addition to the family. He and my other dog, Cookie, are together most of the time Ė in big dog beds by the fireplace, by my desk or napping on the couch. I donít think Comet had ever been around cats.

When he first arrived, if he was in the hall between two cats, he was paralyzed with fear. Now he very carefully moves aside and sneaks by. He also has to move if a cat sits beside him. The cats are great with dogs, so itís all Comet. Of course, the cats are his size or larger.

Speaking of size, the snow was well over his head this winter. He waited for me to shovel or Cookie to break trail before he ventured into the yard. No walks in the winter with that tongue hanging out all the time, susceptible to frostbite. Heís a pretty old guy, but still going strong. We hope to have many more years together.

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