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Happy Tails

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Posted on April 3, 2018

Elsie came home with me in April, and she has filled a hole in my heart I didnít even know I had. She may be tiny, but she has a huge presence. She is always happy and ready with kisses and tail wags.

This summer, we had fun riding my scooter on errands around town. We believe in safety, so Elsie always wears a helmet and doggles. She loves the view from the secure frontpack and has mastered the art of tucking behind the windshield to get out of the wind. Her fashion and safety sense draws quite a lot of attention from passersby, and Elsie takes it in stride. But thatís not the only attention she has been getting. My company recently filmed a commercial to promote a pet service we provide, and Elsie was asked to be one of the K9 stars. She did a great job on-camera, and she won the hearts of everyone she met. Thankfully, the fame hasnít gone to her head.

Elsie and I started out in a little condo, but she asked for some more outdoor space to run around in. So, last month, I closed on a new townhouse with a small fenced yard. Elsie loves the new grass thatís growing, and she enjoys chasing squirrels and birds that come near. In fact, it was a recent squirrel chase that brought to light a knee problem. After a trip outside with a particularly cheeky squirrel, she started limping a bit. A visit to the doctor revealed that she has a patellar luxation. Since she leads a pretty active life, the doc thought it best to look at a surgical repair to make sure she didnít have any more pain. So, we are making an appointment with a specialist to get her all fixed up.

One of the most wonderful things to see is how much my family loves Elsie. My parents have taken a shine to her (despite believing they were strictly ďbig dog peopleĒ), and my nieces and nephews love playing with her and helping her show off her tricks. My cousin enjoyed her so much that she adopted a rescue dog of her own. And thatís the miracle: this tiny dog thatís only been with me 7 months has not only changed my life, but she is an ambassador for what a rescue dog can be. She is calm, gentle, sweet, playful, and adventurous - the whole package!

A huge thank you to the entire PUP team for helping to bring Elsie into my life. And a special thanks to Elsieís foster mom Ash for opening her home and her heart to give this tiny dog a chance at a new life. Elsie is warm and cozy on my lap as I write this, all because of your time, energy, and efforts. We both thank you.

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