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Happy Tails

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Posted on November 1, 2020

For Hazel’s 3rd birthday, I thought I’d send a quick update. Six months ago, we moved and Hazel now has an acre to patrol and a wading pond. She enjoys chasing the fish and keeping the rabbits and squirrels out of our yard. She is still best buds with my youngest son and he says she is the best dog ever. He plans to take her to college with him (he’s only 10 so we have a while to break it to him that she will stay here). Anyway, she continues to be a protective, cuddly, funny and sweet dog. She is very loved.

Below is a pic of her in bed (her favorite place) and one of her with her birthday manicure.

Sitka is doing great too. He’s recovered from his back surgery and regained full movement and feeling in his hind legs.

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