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Happy Tails

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Posted on September 18, 2017

It has now been a full week of Bruce in our family, and we couldn’t possibly be happier. He is THE RIGHT fit for our family and I think we are a great fit for him.

To start off, Quinn, my son was a bit hesitant the night of the adoption but he has absolutely fallen in love with him. Bruce sleeps in his crate in Quinn’s room, Quinn is taking him out for walks (without me asking) and is so proud and protective of Bruce. It’s really pretty awesome.

Bruce has adjusted so well. He hasn’t had any accidents, is eating, and has earned quite a bit of trust with us. He hasn’t needed his belly band and spends his time out of the crate without his leash when he is home with us. We got him plenty of toys (he still loves the bear and hedgehog, that Willow suggested, the most) so we haven’t had any issues with socks or other things he shouldn’t chew on. Although he has earned trust, we still keep a very watchful eye on him. He and the cat, Griffin are doing ok. It has been up and down. Griff was great at first, then Bruce became super interested, which scared Griff, then Griff had enough of it, but now it is back to Griff being pretty skitterish with him. I know that will work itself out with time.

It has been a lot of firsts this past week. Bruce’s awesome, quirky, confident, and snuggly personality has come through. He went on a 7.6 mile hike with me up to Snow Lake…without me needing to carry him at all!!! He ran around Green Lake…I couldn’t keep pace with him! He went to the vet for a full check-up and received a clean bill of health. He has been going to the office with me. The first morning he did growl at a woman. She is excellent with dogs, stood her ground, was patient and Bruce behaved. Since then he hasn’t had any issues. I took him to Downtown Urban Dog for doggy daycare. He played with dogs for 5 hours and did very well. He was a little anxious with all of the dogs around, so they put him in an area with less dogs and he did well. I’m going to continue to take him to work and doggy day care for socialization. Bruce also went to our neighborhood ice cream social and did so well with people and pets.

I really could go on and on about the Fantastic Mr. Bruce. We hit the jackpot, he is a truly a very very special dog. He surprises and delight us so often. I simply can’t stress enough how much I appreciate all of the love, patience, and compassion that W & K had for Bruce, it shows every single day in how Bruce presents himself.

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