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Happy Tails

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Posted on March 20, 2017

Bonsai is doing good and seems to really like it at our home. We had a little trouble getting him to eat the first couple of days but he is eating well now. I think he was nervous. He has new squeaky toys and hoofs to chew on that he loves. He LOVES grain free Greenies. He has so much energy and plays all day taking naps between. He has his own spot on the couch and he likes taking his naps there and he is very good about staying in his area with the blanket covering it.

Brian takes him on daily walks (about 6 blocks) and I take him out into the yard for 15 or so minutes once or twice each day (in addition to his regular bathroom breaks). He is loving the snow and runs around in it. We found a dog park nearby that he also likes going to. It has a special area for small dogs only.

I slipped and fell down our deck stairs when I was taking him out yesterday and twisted my ankle (it is sore but fine) and I couldn't get up. Brian told me that Bonsai went to the door and barked for help so Brian came out to see what was going on. He is such a smart dog!

We have had no trouble training him at all. He also hasn't been marking in the house. He hasn't even tried once. He had an accident when we left at home in the kitchen for a few hours but that has been his only accident. We will probably put him in his crate when we leave the house.

Bonsai was a little unsure about Brian at first but since Brian started taking him for walks he has really bonded with him. At first he acted like he thought Brian was going to take his food and flinched a little when Brian would touch him. He barked a lot at Brian when we first brought him home. That has changed and he really likes Brian now.

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