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Skout (Yukon)

Posted on August 20, 2019

Iím so happy to report that Skout is really settled in here. He plays well with Mabel (mostly) and if they get too excited - it is easily corrected with the threat of the squirt bottle. He is also learning the rules in the house (mostly). And Iím learning his personality and what works best for him.

I just want to thank you all there at PUP for doing such a great job at getting him started off right. Everyone who he meets comments on how sweet he is. He does not jump up on people at all and is always well behaved when we are running past other dogs. He does tend to snap at dogs when he is on his leash - but itís only happened twice when we have gone into Mud Bay.

I did end up getting him a very heavy duty crate, since he was able to break out of the standard wire crate within a week (twice) - which he was quite proud of as he greeted me so happily with his escape artist ways when I got home - haha!!

One thing he did win the battle with was where he spends his nights... I just couldnít bare to hear him crying at night. So - on the floor in my bedroom is where he sleeps. He is so good at night - just happy to be with everyone else. And since he is not a night time roamer - Iím perfectly happy to have him in my room.

I have him running up over 5 miles already. We had a lovely run in Soaring Eagle Trail Park today. He seems to really like it.

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