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Happy Tails

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Posted on January 17, 2020

Itís been a long time since I adopted my little guy (about 7 years!) Wayne from you. Just reporting he is happy and healthy and living his best life in warm Southern California! Before moving south, my wife and I decided to adopt again (this time through Seattle Humane Society) and found Wayne his forever friend and named her Wednesday.

Two years ago Wayne was attacked by a larger dog, getting picked up and shaken by his neck scruff. Fortunately, the injuries were just some tears to his skin that were treated by the vet with a handful of staples. After a couple of weeks on some pain killers and heavy R&R, Wayne was back to his old feisty self and he is still ready to defend my entire family to this day... he's still only a foot tall too. Our history of good times definitely out weight the single scariest night of having him!

Thanks for finding me the best snuggle buddy on the planet!

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