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Happy Tails

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Greger and Shadow

Posted on August 27, 2013

Best Friends Furrrever

Pickles (now Greger)adopted by Matt and Marlow (now Shadow) they are best friends and play relentlessly. A perfect match. My daughter, takes Greger to the play park every day before work. Matt is training him so well. He is so well behaved Mariah can take him into coffee places as he is totally an angel!

They are going on a weeklong camping trip to Oregon where Greger will have the time of his life running on beaches. Please let their foster parents know how well both are doing. Mariah is convinced they are half siblings from a Wheaton parent...same size, tails, similar personalities. Greger is more laid back...but Shadow is, of course, perfect. Here they are having flattened my day lilies in my garden. Ha.

Updated on November 24, 2017

Here is Shadow, previously, "Marla" and our daughter and fiancée's (Matt Waffle) white dog, Greger, who was previously "Pickles". They are best friends and my grand dog now lives on Bainbridge Island where we also live. I pick him up for playdates about four times a week to spend the day with us as they both commute. Our dogs kiss constantly which we find so bizarre, but it is something that makes them happy. They are about the same size and build and I give them the same hair cuts. Both are so extraordinarily loving and well behaved.

Both dogs are very healthy, happy and doted on. Both have fenced in large yards and have been our wonderful children since we brought them home. Shadow sleeps with us and goes everywhere with us. We have group vacations and rent beach houses where the dogs can be with us always and with their cousin, a rescued Tibetan Terrier mix with separation anxiety whom we also babysit while Alanna and Jon vacation often. This makes a nice, extended pack for Shadow since her sister, our 15 yr. old Westie died last November. We have Greger when the kids vacation and this is his second home. They babysit Shadow when we go out for an evening.

I created round garden areas in the back yard so they run in circles and play tag. Shadow dug two summer, deep caves beneath 2 palm trees where the dogs rest in the shade as I water. They have 6 different circles to run and hide from each other and jump out to get the other.

Thank you so much for bringing these dear family members to us. We recommend PUP to everyone.

We love our PUP pups and hope all of you are doing well.

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