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Happy Tails

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Posted on April 23, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on my new home and my new mommy…oh, and my two feline siblings, Marvin and Daisy. I am very loved here and am feeling very at home. So much of my personality has come out over the last eight and a half months. I love to give kisses and snuggle under Mommy’s chin. One of my favorite things is my big back yard. I love to run and roll in the grass and jump in the air and play fetch and so much more. I am also in charge of guarding the yard from squirrels and crows. Since I have been here, I am happy to say that I have chased many off. I think they are afraid of my big growl and barking. Mommy says that I am very quick and they know not to mess with me.

In November of last year I went on my first airplane ride and I flew under the seat in a carrier all the way and did a very good job. I did not make a peep except for on landing, but it was only a small whimper and Mommy let me out right away when we landed. We went to San Antonio to visit my Grandma and Grandad for Thanksgiving. They have a big house and a wonderful backyard with all sorts of new smells. They also have a kitty who Mommy calls “devil kitty” because she was not very nice to me. She had to stay in a room while I was there because she would stalk me. I have to tell you that Grandma and Grandad fell in love with me right away and I am their Grandpuppy. They also mail me Milo Kitchen treats every month because they think I am so special.

I have a routine with Mommy every morning before she goes to work. First we get up, eat and go out to do my business. Then Mommy comes up to take a shower and I sit on the bench in the bathroom while she does. When she gets out, she puts on her makeup and then gets the blow dryer out and turns it on. I run over to her so she can blow dry me along with her hair. The air is so warm and feels so good, even though I am not wet at all. Mommy was surprised when I did this for the first time and thinks maybe someone blow dried me before. It does not matter where I am in the house; if I hear the blow dryer, I come running.

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