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Libby formerly Pluto

Posted on September 17, 2013

It's been almost a year since we adopted Pluto. We thought the name Libby (short for Liberty) suited her a bit better, so that's what we call her now. We think she was closer to the 6month mark in age when we got her, because she really hasn't grown too much. She now weighs about 25 pounds. Dad left for boot camp and other training last January, so she really was my savior while he was gone for 6 months. We go for 1 to 4 mile jogs or walks just about every day of the week, and she LOVES the dog park. She runs SO fast (she's a little famous for it locally), and she's completely fearless. She will pick a play-fight with a great dane in a heartbeat.

What else can I tell you about Ms. Libby? She doesn't like swimming too much. I wouldn't say she's afraid of it, but she mostly tries to avoid it. She loves camping, and she loves the snow. She gets along with everyone (except my mom's cat - he doesn't like her!). Her 2 best friends are female Aussies - one is my step brother's and one belongs to a friend. They will play all day long if you let them. I swore I'd never let a dog sleep on my bed but.....

She can sit, shake, lay down, roll over & stay - she's been very easy to train. And last but not least - she is in perfect health. She does have a sensitive tummy, but as long as her grandparents don't try spoil her with people food, it doesn't give her any trouble. We just love her so much, and we're so very grateful that we got to be her forever home. She has been a true blessing.

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