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Why I Foster, by Chad & Maria
Why We Foster

We have always loved animals, especially dogs and being a foster was something we talked about doing one day. We had always adopted our animals but we really wanted to do something that would have a greater impact on the dogs killed in shelters every year. The opportunity came just after we adopted one of our dogs, Piglet, from PUP and we have been fostering ever since!

We love and care for these dogs, just like one of our own. Some are scared, hungry and were minutes away from death. Some have been abused, have never known love or the warmth of a home and family. Some days it's stressful, our house is always loud and always in need of cleaning, toys and dog beds everywhere, carpets are stained and there is no place safe from dog hair! Many days we want to throw in the towel, but one look from our foster, knowing we made a difference, is the most amazing feeling and that keeps us going until the next dog needs us.

Being a foster for PUP has been the most rewarding thing we have ever done.

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For more information on our foster program, please download our foster brochure and our Foster Flyer.
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