Foster Volunteers open their hearts and homes to dogs in need.
Some of our dogs have never experienced a kind word, a gentle gesture, a healthy meal, or a visit to the vet for care. Our fosters provide all of this and more. Some of the best things about fostering are the times when you play fetch, cuddle on the sofa, or take the dog on a walk. These are all very important, but there is much more to fostering. It means attending to a dog when it's sick, working in a vet visit on an already packed day, picking up toys, sweeping floors, doing more laundry and cleaning the carpet. But what you get in return is priceless.
If you'd like to play a critical role in making a difference in the lives of rescued dogs, please fill out a foster application and send to .
Frequently Asked Questions:
  • If I foster a dog, do I have to pay for their medical bills, food and other supplies?
    No! PUP provides all supplies and pays for veterinary care.
  • I have kids and/or other pets at home. Can I still foster for PUP?
    Some dogs may not get along well with other dogs, cats, and/or children. We will work to identify this prior to placement in your home.
For more information on our foster program, please download our foster brochure and our Foster Flyer.
Why I Foster
Dewey's First ChristmasI don’t know the story of how Dewey found himself at a high kill shelter in California, and I doubt he’ll ever tell me. Today he sits on the deck outside in the sun while I write this, but earlier this year he was scheduled to be destroyed. It made me ill to see his death date written out like a tombstone: September 7, 2010. He was not a bag of veggies spoiling in the refrigerator, or a dog that’s lived a long happy life and is being humanely euthanized because of an illness. He is a poodle mix, just shy of being a puppy! After I saw Dewey’s adorable photo and learned he was already scheduled to die, I wasn’t sure who I was mad at; his previous owner, the shelter or the pet overpopulation problem. Read Dewey's story . . .

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