Tieko (now Italo)

Posted on October 17, 2018

It's been two months since we adopted Tieko (we renamed him Italo, after the writer Italo Calvino), and it's been wonderful to have him join the family! His personality and goofy grin are impossible to miss. He loves his walks, and has also been enjoying hikes, breweries, and bus rides to work, where he kindly checks on the staff around lunch time. Italo is very friendly with people. He looks forward to visiting the dog park, and loves to chase a ball. We're working on getting him to bring it back to us consistently.

Italo has almost completed obedience training, and is enthusiastic about shaking hands/paws, but has some trouble keeping his body still for "stay." He's a very loyal boy, and loves to cuddle or curl up in a donut in his bed. We're very smitten, and couldn't imagine a more perfect dog for us.

Best, Christine & Jason & Italo

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