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Posted on December 3, 2018

Hello again, We are emailing to say thank you and how much we appreciate you Grover has gained some weight and gotten some sweater because he is Mr shivers as we call him. He is a happy active little dog. He has begun to work towards being a service dog and get a canine good citizen he has successfully completed 2 levels of doggie school and will soon be starting agility.

We are always grateful of you for placing him with us. He has also flown to Huntsville Alabama and been to two hotels. he has accumulated a lot of toys, ball, and stuffed animal. But his favorite is his eyore stuffy he came with. He has been successfully dewormed and is going to have his teeth cleaned soon so he will have a bright nonsmelly smile. We say he lives a Gucci live still so he must have good teeth for this. We will always be grateful thanks!

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