Why We Foster, by Sara & Madelynn
Why We Foster
After spending most of my life helping stray and injured animals (dogs, cats, turtles, squirrels, birds) and taking care of them until I could find the right resources/rescue to take them in, I realized that I have actually been “fostering” all along! I was always more of an independent foster (or middle-man) until I finally began volunteering for some dog rescues in the late 90’s. Right after college, I adopted Bailey, a mischievous, 6 week old Beagle puppy who never developed proper social skills or wanted to play with other dogs. My daughter Madelynn was born a year later, so Bailey fell further behind in her doggy socialization skills.
When Bailey was 2 years old, I started fostering so that she could have a companion pet around without the commitment of owning a second dog. I thought it would be a temporary situation until we stumbled across a second dog or until I got sick of fostering.
Well…. 15 years and approximately 150 dogs later, I’m still fostering!!! We have adopted 5 dogs of those 150 over the years, but I have discovered my true focus in life through fostering and saving/rehoming pets that would otherwise be euthanized or left homeless, uncared for, unloved. Fostering is also the ideal way to find your perfect pet!! How better to know if a dog is the right fit until they spend a few weeks in your home? It’s so easy to fall in love with a cute puppy in a store window or shelter, but bringing them into your home allows you to see their true personalities unfold and how the interact with everyone. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a scared or heartbroken foster dog come out of their shell and look into your eyes with pure love and gratefulness. Every dog leaves an impression on my soul, but it makes me even happier to see them move into their forever home and get updates from the adopters.
My daughter Madelynn has grown up fostering and rescuing animals since she was 6 months old! I never intended for her to follow in my footsteps or force animal rescue to be her dream, but she is an even bigger animal rescuer than I am. She has the biggest, most charitable heart and wants to save every creature in need on the planet. Unfortunately for me, that includes every bug, frog, salamander, snake, fish, and horse as well! She is very active in PUP and participates with fostering, training, helping with medical needs/puppy births, working at events, talking about PUP to everyone she knows/meets, helping with transport runs, and educating the public on rescue. Even though our house is always in a messy, chaotic state, we are very richly rewarded by every life we save.
Madelynn . . .
Fostering is really fun. You get to see many dog breeds, you get to foster sweet dogs that love to play, and you can see a bunch of dogs at adoption events. Some of the dogs you get to foster are very cute, sweet, and fun to play with. When you foster a dog, you have to know that if you didn’t he/she would have been euthanized, and it feels good to know that you prevented it from happening to that sweet dog and then find them a good, loving home.
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